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Woodbury figure skater wins gold

Renee Greenfeld of Woodbury skates at the 40th annual “Great Minnesota Skate Together,” Aug. 16-18 at Bloomington Ice Garden. Submitted photo

The 40th annual "Great Minnesota Skate Together" was held at Aug. 16-18 at Bloomington Ice Garden. Renee Greenfeld of Woodbury, representing the Woodbury Figure Skating Club, became the first club state champion in over eight years, winning the gold medal for the adult silver freestyle skating event.

Greenfeld began competitive figure skating six years ago and is a USFSA adult national champion, USFSA adult silver medalist, two-time USFSA adult bronze modelist, and four-time state silver medalist. Based on her competitive history over the past five years, she recently earned the title of U.S. Adult Figure Skating Pewter Lifetime Competitor.

For the 2019 competitive season, Greenfeld will be skating to a cover of Halo at Adult Nationals being held in Salt Lake City, Utah, in April.

She enjoys skating with her 14-year-old daughter, Brianna Parker, who is also a WFSC competitive skater working on mastering her double jumps and flying spins.