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New Woodbury activities director ready for new start

Packing up all your possessions and moving 1,000 miles away might seem like a hassle to most families.

But for Marvin Wooten, Woodbury's new activities director, he and his family are looking forward to a fresh start from life in Virginia, near Washington, D.C. When Wooten and his wife, Safiya, saw an open activities position in Woodbury, they decided to take a look.

Marvin Wooten"It's one of those things, my wife and I, we have two small children," Wooten said. "We decided the D.C. area is nice, but we wanted to try and get out and experience something else. I've been to the Twin Cities on several occasions, and I just love the area."

Wooten is spending the final weeks of June and early July to finish up work at his current position as a system of support administrator with Fairfax County Public Schools in Virginia. Wooten is set to start his job as Woodbury's activities director July 17.

Woodbury Principal Sarah Sorenson-Wagner said in a news release that Wooten's experience working with students in Virginia helped him stand out among other applicants for the activities director position.

"His previous work on enhancing school culture through academic and behavior support, combined with his experience as a coach and support of all co-curricular offerings available at a high school, set him apart," Sorenson-Wagner said. "In speaking with people who work with Marvin, all highlighted his high energy, strong work ethic, and positive, proactive problem-solving approach."

Wooten has a friend at Woodbury High School in teacher and football coach Andy Hill, who has been a help in making the transition to the Twin Cities. Wooten and Hill both coached football together in Virginia before Hill returned to Woodbury.

"I know he really loves this school, and this community," Wooten said about Hill. "He definitely said this would be a great community for our family. He was able to kind of give us a rundown about the community."

While he plans for his first days as the activities director at Woodbury, Wooten has already identified some objectives for the new job. Many of those goals revolve around participation.

"I want to, obviously, get more students involved in our activities programs," Wooten said. "I want to try to get the community to rally around our activities programs. A lot of people that I've met are really passionate about the teams, about the school. I definitely want to try to create an atmosphere that welcomes our community as well as our students."

Wooten also sees success in the future of Woodbury athletics and activities teams. He hopes to build on those current achievements once he gets on campus in July.

"We want to compete," he said. "I would like to bring some championships home for our athletics teams. And as far as our theater, our band, a lot of the activities, I want to get them some national recognition. I know a lot of teams have already."