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Letter: Post office parking lot needs replacement

To the editor:

The parking lot at the post office in Woodbury is a disgrace. It has been patched over and over the past few years. The patching does not last. Now there are potholes big enough for a car to fall into.

I wrote the mayor of Woodbury and City Council last year, but received no reply. Today I asked one of the postal workers when they were going to do something about the parking lot and explained I had to enter from the exit in order to keep from damaging my car and/or tires. His response was "eventually." Then he went on to say that as soon as they patch it, drivers just spin their wheels and cause the patch to disintegrate.

I suggested a new parking lot was long overdue and would resolve the pothole issue.

The sidewalk is another issue. It has been patched and repaired over and over in the last few years and is still difficult to navigate safely. Someone is going to get hurt.

I have lived in three countries and several states and have never encountered a U.S. Post Office with such parking lot and sidewalk issues. The lack of concern by the postal worker I spoke with today left me shaking my head. The citizens of Woodbury deserve better.

Genie Potosky