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Letter: Stop the talking and put words into action

To the editor:

I call on every youtuber, every social media voice, every news anchor (radio and TVB), every local politician (city and state) who wants to make a difference in American lives to take a day of rest from talking and spend one hour and engage in a protest for change that makes life more wonderful for all citizens.

Your daily deliverances make it appear as though you draw attention, while waiting for others to do something. It is time you reveal your heart in more than just words.

I suggest that each of you, if you can't connect with others in protest, create a sign with a statement from you and spend one hour up and down your street or neighborhood. Let them know where you stand on the issues and that you are willing to act on it.

I suggest the theme should be "Reclaiming human's birth rights." I propose the date of July 4, 2018, any hour during the day. Up and down your block or neighborhood, on city streets, at your state capitol and city hall.

Let this be a sign to one another and to politicians that you care and you want something done and you can be depended upon to help.

Eddie Marcus