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Letter: Celebrating student achievement

To the editor:

Graduation season is just behind us and I wanted to say what an honor it is to be part of our education system. As an assistant principal at Minnesota Connections Academy, an online public school serving K-12 students from across the state, this is a particularly exciting and rewarding time.

As an educator, I feel a lot of pride when I see a student take hold of his or her diploma. It's not so much the piece of paper but the hard work and academic achievement it represents. Connections Academy students have attended public school from home, working closely with state-certified teachers online and on the phone while a trusted adult monitors progress in the home. These students are forging new ground, leveraging the power of technology and reinventing education — developing their own path to success. Many have shared that the online school environment has empowered them to play a more active role in their education; they feel more responsible and ready for the college or career that lies ahead. Congratulations to the Class of 2017 — from all of us at Minnesota Connections Academy. We're proud of you and thrilled that you had the opportunity to meet, in person, for your graduation ceremony — an honored tradition.

Brad Swanson


Swanson is assistant principal of MTS Minnesota Connections Academy