LETTER: Trashing Hillary is so yesterday, critiquing president-elect is timely


In her Dec. 21 letter, Linda Stanton claims that Democrats are a floundering mess of deflection and denial, "For Democrats upset about elections, it's time to 'move on.'" Possibly Stanton is the one who should move on, since her entire letter regurgitates worn-out, disproven talking points about Hillary Clinton — although she does include a new wrinkle, seeming to tie the Clintons to "gun-running terrorists" — well, at least she used the qualifier "perhaps." As an aside, it's interesting — coming from another woman — that her first criticism of Clinton is that she is "shrill."

Linda, the election is over. Trashing Clinton is so, yesterday. Critiquing the president-elect, however, is timely, necessary, patriotic, and "something truly constructive," on which I guarantee you we will be spending our time.

Carol Turnbull