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LETTER: Mr. Lewis, think of yourself as 'Mr. Right Now'

Jason Lewis is engaging in wishful thinking when he states his belief that voters gave Republicans a "mandate" in the recent election.

Aside from the fact that more people voted for Hillary Clinton than Donald Trump nationwide and she won in Minnesota, he conveniently ignores his own narrow margin of victory and the fact neither he or Trump got even 50 percent of the vote after one of the ugliest and most divisive campaigns in history.

Many Republicans, including representatives and senators, disliked Trump and voted for a third-party candidate. Trump and Republican leaders in Congress are at odds over policy in a number of areas including trade, relations with Russia, immigration, and infrastructure spending. If the Republicans do not deliver on their promises of job creation and increased national security but instead focus on repealing affordable health care (rather than fixing it), cutting taxes for the wealthy, and gutting environmental regulations (as they most assuredly will), they will begin to lose seats in the 2018 midterm election.

Rather than "Mr. Right," Jason would be better advised to think of himself as "Mr. Right Now."

I would criticize Lewis for running in a district he doesn't live in, but am too grateful for the fact that he does not represent me.

Jay Humsey