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LETTER: Coach Zebrowski deserved better

An article was published in the Nov. 9 Woodbury Bulletin presenting excerpts from a termination letter written by the school district to a coach in the East Ridge High School volleyball program. I do not doubt the information of public record was quoted accurately, but the mere sound bites in the article do not present an accurate account of the circumstances. I am writing to share an important perspective that was not represented in the article.

Heather Zebrowski is a highly respected coach, an excellent tactician of the sport, and she continues to have broad support throughout the East Ridge volleyball community. Zebrowski wants her players to use athletics to become the best they can be, both on and off the court. She teaches them the fine points of the game and she is extremely good at it. She influences players to be good teammates and do what is right. She encourages her athletes to work hard, maybe even harder than they knew they could. Zebrowski is an excellent coach, and I have no doubt that every player she worked with in the program is better because of her influence.

It is because she is respected by players and coaches alike that Zebrowski was asked to help with an ongoing and complicated issue. It should be understood by the community that she was pulled into a difficult situation, and the resulting one-time player interaction caused the East Ridge volleyball program to lose a highly respected and talented coach.

Zebrowski deserves better than this. I am grateful my daughter had Zebrowski as a coach to teach her, encourage her to work hard, be good a teammate and have fun along the way. That's what sports are all about, and that's what Zebrowski was doing exceptionally well.

Julie Reimann

Cottage Grove