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LETTER: Kent didn’t get it right the first time, so let’s vote Wahlgren

Have you ever wondered what priorities Susan Kent brought to the Minnesota Senate and legislative session during her tenure?

I couldn't help but wonder how Kent decided her priorities as I review her record as our senator.

Raising taxes seemed to be a large priority for Kent as she: helped the DFL try to raise the metro sales tax by 0.75 cents; voted to raise property taxes on small business; voted against giving seniors and veterans tax relief; voted to increase the vehicle registration tax on the family vehicles.

Transportation is a high priority to Kent. Creating the Gold Line by spending more tax dollars in an area where more citizens use personal automobiles has members of her own party questioning the sanity of that decision. The Gold Line will require more and more tax subsidies to operate and maintain over its life.

Health care costs for families in Minnesota continue to increase, Kent joined her DFL colleagues in the Senate to support the full adoption of Obamacare. Its ballooning cost are now crushing family budgets.

Kent to win her first election shared resources with 12 other DFL colleagues resulting in a $100,000 fine from the Campaign Finance and Ethical Standards Board against the DFL Party. In 2014, she inflated her campaign fundraising numbers by $31,282. It seems Kent's only priorities are winning at any cost and seeing you as an ATM to keep government going and growing.

If Kent didn't get it right the first time, why should we give her a second chance?

Please vote for Sharna Wahlgren for District 53 senator. Wahlgren believes in making decisions based on research and listening to you. Wahlgren doesn't believe in giving you, your opinion.

Steve Ellenwood