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LETTER: Kent acts as voice at the table for our community, especially our kids

It is with great enthusiasm that I support my dear friend and colleague, our state senator, Susan Kent, and ask our community to re-elect her on Nov. 8.

Kent has been a very successful state senator, working on our district’s behalf with both political parties to get great things done for our community – and especially for our kids. Her hard work in crafting and passing creative legislation has had a real positive impact on lives - from helping college students refinance their loans, to this session, helping to secure funding to add much-needed counselors to our schools.

As both a successful businesswoman and community volunteer, Kent knows that finding solutions to the challenges we face requires foremost, people who can come to the table ready to work together – to build things up rather than tear things down.

Kent understands that in the business world, we call that continuous quality improvement and indeed, government, just like any business, can always get better. And that means we need to build on what’s working, to learn where changes can make a difference, but bottom line – to work respectfully with our colleagues and neighbors so we can continue to grow, and improve the quality of life for all in our community.

And Kent has done just that – she has proven her ability to listen to residents, and to work on a bipartisan basis to secure ongoing improvements that benefit us directly here in Senate District 53.

We are very fortunate to have a state senator who has already achieved leadership status among her colleagues, and is serving on committees that truly affect our daily lives, in the areas of transportation, education and higher education. Please join me in re-electing Susan Kent for State Senate on Nov. 8, so we can ensure that our community will continue to have a voice at the table on these and many other important issues within our state government.

Michelle Witte