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LETTER: Fenton brings Woodbury priorities to St. Paul

Minnesota State Rep. Kelly Fenton is fighting for us at the Capitol.

In her first two years, Fenton advocated strongly for Woodbury residents, championing tax relief for families and small businesses, securing more than $500 million in additional money for our schools and supporting policies to streamline government and protect hardworking taxpayers.

Additionally, Fenton was a strong voice for the brave men and women who have honorably served our nation. She spearheaded a new law with the secretary of state to ensure that our active military are not disenfranchised and also supported a new law that provides tax relief to more than 18,000 retired veterans.

Finally, Fenton was responsive to the people of our community and always available to help constituents. From local government leaders to educators to families, she met with people across the city to listen to their concerns and collaborate on solutions that work for Woodbury.

Fenton has worked tirelessly for the people and priorities of Woodbury during the past two years, and I hope you will join me and support Fenton for House again in November.

Kelly Fenton is fighting for us at the Capitol!

Wendy Andrews