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LETTER: 622 referendum would help us keep up at award-winning school

I am writing regarding the levy School District 622 is asking voters to approve this November during the general election. I cannot express how important it is for us to approve this levy by voting yes in November.

I am a teacher at Carver Elementary, a taxpayer and a parent whose children went through District 622. Carver is an award-winning school because of our success in closing the achievement gap and preparing all our students for a successful future.

What we are accomplishing at Carver is not sustainable unless we get better funding. Our teachers are burning out. We cannot hire new staff for various openings we have in the building. I have 35 students in my class this year.

We need help.

In addition, even though we’ve done great things, we are not yet doing enough. Our achievement gap is still too wide. We have too many students with special needs who are not getting their needs met — both high-achieving and low-achieving students. We have not kept up with technology advancements or the safety measures that are necessary in our schools today.

Our students are our future. Please help us do right by them.

Lisa Pommier Swanson