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LETTER: Kent has proven herself effective and bipartisan

This election season has been particularly vitriolic. Our presidential candidates fling harsh words at one another daily. It's tiring. But we can't let the rhetoric of this election season keep us home, especially when there are local candidates running smart re-election bids who deserve our attention and our votes.

One of these candidates is Sen. Susan Kent, DFL-Woodbury. I have watched Kent during the past four years as she moved from full-time parent to a highly effective and accessible legislator. She has worked tirelessly on a myriad of issues that matter to the east metro. Not only has she served as a strong voice for our region, but she has continually reached across the aisle to work with Republicans to find common-ground solutions.

She has done this with transit—in working on the Gold Line bus rapid transit project.

She has also done it with Reading Corps, a proven program that helps kids to read at grade level.

And these are just the top two examples that come to mind, but there are many more.

Next year she'll be taking over the leadership spot in the Senate Purple Caucus, a group of bipartisan legislators who work together to identify and support issues they can both agree on.

Kent deserves your vote in her re-election bid for the Minnesota Senate. She has proven herself an effective advocate for the east metro.

Jose and Denise Coronado