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LETTER: Fenton displays leadership at the Capitol

I'd like to thank state Rep. Kelly Fenton, R-Woodbury, for her leadership and hard work at the Capitol this year. Her efforts helped bring about meaningful education reforms for our students and schools, as well as permanent tax relief to more than 18,000 Minnesota veterans in a supplemental omnibus bill signed into law this spring.

Fenton also supported an overwhelmingly bipartisan tax relief bill this year that included more than $500 million in ongoing tax relief for families and small businesses in our community. Unfortunately, the governor vetoed that legislation, blocking much-needed tax relief for thousands of Woodbury residents.

In addition to standing up for taxpayers, I am also grateful to Fenton and House Republicans for reining in wasteful spending. Their budget limited government growth, checked pay increases for political appointees and invested in our shared priorities like education.

Finally, Fenton worked to ensure that state government doesn't take more from Woodbury families. She helped defeat the largest gas tax increase in state history, stopped over-budget transit projects and focused on investing in long-term transportation infrastructure needs like improving the 694/494 highway interchange in Woodbury.

We need a strong voice for the middle class and Fenton is it.

David Kemper