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LETTER: Released felons are not the victims

Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton is pandering for more votes for his party. He advocates voting rights for released felons.

Murderers, rapists and child sex molesters are felons; evidently, Dayton thinks they, the felons, not the murdered, raped or molested are the victims. Does the murdered person end up like Lazarus of Bethany with life restored? Does the person raped or the sexually molested child have a whole life restored? Each of them has a life totally or partially taken.

That is permanent, not temporary. Who speaks for the victims? By this letter, I am. You can also by letting Dayton, state Sen. Susan Kent and state reps. JoAnn Ward and Kelly Fenton know that in our state if you take a life you pay the price and do not ever get your voting rights restored.

You, the murderer, rapist or child molester, are not the victim.

Lance Johnson