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LETTER: Weik pledges to keep up the good government

Good government begins with trust; trust in our elected officials to make the right decisions on our behalf.

This is especially important as we anticipate an unprecedented demographic shift of older adults with more diversity and a projected population growth of more than 100,000 new residents in Washington County by 2030. And an aging demographic will place increased pressure on safety net programs. Given Washington County's rapid population growth, the potential need for new facilities, programs and services is expected to be part of future County Board deliberations.

I remain engaged with local leaders as we continue to have candid and open conversations with all residents and local businesses about expanding the role the county can play in attracting jobs to our communities, while maintaining strong economic vitality and responsible development. Keeping and augmenting this vision of Washington County requires making prudent decisions regarding property tax dollars. I pledge to continue to maintain an affordable and stable county property tax rate by targeting specific services in a coordinated way, such as reliance on the wheelage tax to lower the property tax levy by the same amount. And strategic investments in transportation infrastructure will attract and retain businesses that grow our tax base and increase revenue without increasing property taxes.

I care deeply about community stability and protecting taxpayers through sound fiscal management and reducing bureaucracy without cuts to essential safety net programs. And I'll continue to protect the AAA bond rating assigned to the county that reflect the strong fiscal discipline of the County Board, while providing safe and productive communities for families.

It is an honor to serve the citizens of Woodbury on the County Board. And with the support of voters in November, I pledge to continue being a strong and trusted voice of leadership in county government.

Lisa Weik


Editor's note: Lisa Weik represents Washington County Board of Commissioners District 5, which includes a portion of Woodbury. She is running for re-election.