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LETTER: Thanks for stopping to help a fellow shopper

On April 2, I was taken shopping by the Stonecrest bus, a Presbyterian Homes service to Tamarack Village. I bought groceries, loaded them on my walker and went outside to explore, as I had half an hour before the bus departed.

Across the way was Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft - I needed some mending supplies.

On the way back, I took a “shortcut” through the parking lot. There was no cut curb on the other side, so I had to climb up an incline and down the other side (like a goat). There was not a proper marking for crossing the street - just a stoplight. A woman saw me, got out of her car and guided me across two intersections. I was a bit rattled and only said, “You have done your good deed for the day.” No “thank you!” I didn’t ask her name.

Shirley Unger