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LETTER: Fenton shows across-the-aisle leadership

It’s rare to see political courage at the Capitol these days. 

Freshman Rep. Kelly Fenton is an exception with her early leadership to push for more transit options in the east metro after hearing the urgent needs of the business community and the requests of her constituents for more mobility options. As chief author of the measure, she’s working across the political aisle with Rep. Joann Ward and others who have joined her to sponsor the project funding. 

We’ve been paying in to a sales tax that’s been building transitways to the west. Now it’s our turn. The need for the Gateway Corridor is great and will bring regional balance and living wage jobs to Woodbury via connections at Union Depot to the expanding metropolitan transitway system.

Thank you, Kelly Fenton, for your willingness to lead the effort to capture a large portion of that sales tax and put it to our advantage here. Hats off to Fenton and the Gold Line she’s advancing at the legislature. 

Roger Green