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Letter to the editor: Activists crowding neighborhoods paved way for speech limitation

In his June 26 letter, Mr. Grinols (“Remember Franklin’s words…”) claims “Today if I desired to speak in outrage over what has happened to our freedom I would need first to ask permission.” Yet there he is, in print, speaking in outrage - and I’ll bet he didn’t need government permission.

He also claims the Woodbury Department of Public Safety was responsible in 2009 for a law restricting protests in its residential areas. However, that restriction has been in Minnesota state law since the early 1990s. The state law was passed in response to a wave of abortion protestors who decided to overrun neighborhoods. I remember that my co-worker who lived in a targeted neighborhood couldn’t back out of her own driveway.

We should be concerned about the NSA revelations. But rather than running around like Chicken Little and quoting lyrics to the “Star Spangled Banner,” let’s stick to facts. Free speech has always had limits.

Carol Turnbull - Woodbury