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Gardener needed: Woodbury Heritage Society seeks volunteers to maintain Heritage House gardens

Woodbury Heritage Society President Wayne Schilling is looking for volunteers to help maintain the gardens and flowers around the Woodbury Heritage House. Youssef Rddad / RiverTown Multimedia

Before a historic Woodbury home opens for tours next month, the Woodbury Heritage Society is looking for volunteers to maintain its gardens and flowers.

The society, whose mission is to preserve the city's history, is seeking a volunteers to plant and maintain the flowers around the Woodbury Heritage House.

Woodbury Heritage Society President Wayne Schilling said the garden and flowers offer an educational experience for elementary school students and other visitors who tour the Heritage House.

Located on public land near the intersection of Radio Drive and Lake Road, the historic home allows visitors to picture what life may have been like when the house stood among farm fields.

The Frederick Rath family built the home as an attachment to their log cabin in the 1870s, and the addition served as a kitchen and living quarters.

The garden helps visitors picture what types of vegetable farmers grew in 19th Century Woodbury.

In the past, the resident gardener has planted sweet corn, tomatoes, potatoes and other vegetables. Visiting students also have the opportunity to help with the harvest in the fall.

"It's amazing how school children don't realize that potatoes grow underground. You dig them up, and there they are," Schilling said. "It's very much an educational kind of thing."

The volunteers would also have the opportunity to maintain the flowers lining the sides of the home and throughout the area.

In the past, the group has planted milkweed and other flowers bees and butterflies use to pollinate.

Volunteers would have creative control of the garden and the flowers, Schilling said.

The Heritage House opens for tours on every second and fourth Sunday from June through September.

Those interested in the position can contact Schilling at 651-436-4063 or