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LETTER: Time to form line of support behind Kent and Schoen

Time to form line of support behind Kent and Schoen

Last month, Linda Stanton wrote a letter denouncing Hillary Clinton supporters as sore losers and insisting Hillary Clinton did not deserve to be president and that Hillary Clinton supporters should line up behind Donald Trump.

For those unfamiliar with Stanton, she is a conservative Republican activist who no doubt is excited that Donald Trump will become President.

However, Stanton also supported Sharna Wahlgren and Leilani Holmstadt (aka the district I live in) for the Minnesota Senate. They lost to Susan Kent and Dan Schoen, respectively. Therefore, if Stanton really wants to practice what she preaches, she will take her own advice and support both state senators Kent and Schoen fully to make the east metro great again.

But of course, she won't, as she is an ideologue based on her writings and activism and only said those things to rub it in the faces of Clinton supporters.

As it is, I was a Clinton supporter and feel disenchanted as I feel many voters took the election at face value and not deeper, such as the fact that Trump had no experience in politics or diplomacy and pretty much said what people wanted to hear and not what they needed.

However, I have learned the importance of being in the opposition in the years and to hold those elected officials accountable who need it. I also believe that a group of honorable and independent-minded Republican U.S. senators like Susan Collins, John McCain, and Lisa Murkowski must stand up to Trump's craziness to not only hold him accountable but to keep America great and to make it greater.

And that is what I hope will happen until 2018.

William Cory Labovitch

South St. Paul