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Minnesota State Fair’s Cattle Barn partially collapses under weight of snow

Minnesota State Fair photo

FALCON HEIGHTS, Minn. — A portion of the roof of the Cattle Barn at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds collapsed Tuesday evening, March 12, weighted down by successive rounds of snow and rain.

The Falcon Heights building, which is used mainly for storage during the offseason, was unoccupied at the time of the collapse and no one was injured, the Minnesota State Fair said in a news release.

Part of the southeast corner of the roof gave way about 6:15 p.m., but the building remains structurally sound, the news release said. Damage to the items stored in the barn has not yet been assessed.

The 1920 brick building, which has space for about 1,000 head of cattle, also houses the Fair's milking parlor and the Moo Booth — an informational exhibit about dairy farming, according to the State Fair's website.