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Kieffer sees opportunity in Wis. governor's pro-business proclamation

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, left, visited Hudson Tuesday afternoon and shows a new sign stating "Open For Business." The sign will be posted on the "Welcome to Wisconsin" sign on Interstate 94. Also at the announcement was Wisconsin Department of Tourism Secretary Stephanie Klett, right. RiverTowns photo by Margaret A. Ontl

A Woodbury lawmaker said she saw opportunity when Wisconsin's governor traveled to his state's border towns to make a pitch for Badger State business.

Gov. Scott Walker toured Wisconsin Tuesday, including stops in Hudson, touting that Wisconsin is "open for business." Twenty-three signs saying that are being posted at entrances to the state.

"Bring it on," Minnesota House Rep. Andrea Kieffer said Wednesday of the Republican governor's announcement. "I think it's a great incentive."

Walker pointed out Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton's support for a tax increase on the wealthy as evidence businesses should move to Wisconsin.

"Not only am I working hard to attract business to the state, but the new state Assembly and Senate is already working on legislation in many areas to make the state more business-friendly," Walker said in Hudson. "That will include lowering taxes for businesses and farmers, improvements in access to health care -- we will make sure that our message is more than just a sign. We are serious about improving the business climate and ultimately balancing the budget."

Kieffer, a Republican, said she sees the Walker announcement as an opportunity for Minnesota legislators to pass business-friendly legislation.

See the Woodbury Bulletin's Jan. 26 print edition for more on the story.