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Splinter brings experience, knowledge of 2040 plan

Roger Splinter

Editor's note: This Q&A is part of a series detailing Woodbury City Council candidates. Find the rest of the responses here.

    Roger Splinter

    • Age: >65
    • Education: Bachelor of Science — Hamline, Master of Science and PhD in Chemistry — University of Minnesota
    • Family: Wife Mary Ellen, son Brett and daughter Anne
    • Occupation: Retired from careers in education, government and industry
    • Community involvement: Chairman of the Environmental Advisory Commission 2009-2014, co-chairman of the Parks and Natural Resources Commission 2014-2016, vice chairman of the 2040 Comprehensive Task Force 2016-2018, outstanding Woodbury volunteer 2015

    Why should residents vote for you?

    I believe that residents voting for me would benefit from my experience, the time that I have available to devote to the council and my demonstrated commitment to the city. The experience gained from my careers is a direct benefit to the city related to current issues such as water quality. I have experience working with regulatory agencies at the state and federal level and have the educational background to assess the issues. The experience is only valuable if it can be applied to the situation. I have the time to devote to all issues of concern to the citizens.

    What's the biggest issue facing Woodbury?

    Although there are several issues that need to be addressed including transportation alternatives, continued development of parks and trails, and management of commercial and residential growth, I believe that water quality and water usage is the most important issue. This issue has the potential of impacting all citizens of our community. The definition of the issue(s) needs to be clarified and appropriate actions defined and addressed.

    What could current city leadership be doing better?

    The current city leadership has done a very good job of planning and managing the city during a period of substantial growth. I believe that guidance from citizens is important to the continued success of Woodbury being a dynamic and welcoming place.

    The Metropolitan Council expects Woodbury to add 20,000 residents by 2040. The city's 2040 Comprehensive Plan addresses this. What is your opinion of the plan and how will you begin to implement it?

    The 2040 Comprehensive Plan is a document designed to assist by providing direction for the city in several significant areas. The plan, however, must show flexibility to adapt to changing needs as the city ages and grows. Having served on the Task Force, I believe the plan has the balance between a clear definition for the future of the city and the necessary flexibility.