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Fenton seeks third term in state House

Rep. Kelly Fenton

WOODBURY — Nearing the end of her second term, Kelly Fenton has announced she is running for a third.

Rep. Fenton, R-Woodbury, said she's running again because "there's a lot more I'd like to accomplish."

One reason she's looking for another two-year House term is to continue the Interstates 94, 494 and 694 interchange improvements project she's been working since her first term.

Fenton said she's succeeded in getting short-term fixes, but is looking to spend another term getting a more long-term solution on the books.

Though there have been some improvements approved, she sees an increase of backups and accidents in that area.

In this session that's winding down, she's also been working on bills regarding 3M.

One bill, debated in committee May 7, sets up a special account for the $850 million given to the state from 3M after the two settled a lawsuit in February.

"Our biggest priority is to make sure that that money stays in cleanup in the affected areas first, and make sure that it's clear what that money is there for," Fenton said.

She has co-authored other bills regarding 3M perfluorochemical pollution.

A bill regarding step therapy reform, that she said was her "No. 1 priority to get accomplished this session," would change the way treatments for chronic diseases are prescribed by doctors.

At this time, doctors go through a set order of treatments they have to prescribe before getting to the one that may best serve the patient. The bill would change the process to become less restrictive.

She is currently vice chair for House committees on Commerce and Regulatory Reform and the Subcommittee on Workplace Safety and Respect.

Fenton was endorsed by the District 53 Republicans last month.

"I just look forward to rolling up my sleeves and going door to door hearing from constituents," she said.

Fenton, a former educator, lives in Woodbury with her husband, Greg. They have three children.