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Sandell seeks DFL support for House District 53B

Woodbury resident Steve Sandell announced his run for State House District 53B as a Democrat Feb. 23. Submitted photo.

WOODBURY — Woodbury resident Steve Sandell announced his run for the Minnesota House in 2018.

Sandell, according to a Feb. 26 news release, is seeking Democrat endorsement for the House District 53B, which covers most of Woodbury.

This is his first campaign for the Minnesota Legislature.

A 13-year Woodbury resident, Sandell said his campaign will reflect Woodbury residents' optimism and enthusiasm for the future.

"I think of politics as solving problems I know that politicians face problems that are complicated and have special interests encouraging them to consider one set of info or another," he said. "But solutions that benefit one group should benefit every group."

Better cooperation among communities, regions and political parties, Sandell told RiverTown, ranks among his top priorities.

He sees room for more communication and cohesive planning among suburban communities as development sprawls outward from the Twin Cities.

Integration, he said, will be key as these communities continue to grow.

"Each of these suburban municipalities are like patches on a quilt," he said. "You can sew them all together, but the important thing is finding a design for them all to work together."

Education, another priority Sandell identified, is deeply ingrained in in his professional background.

He graduated from Brown University with a history degree and obtained his teaching certificate at Macalester College. He later earned a Master's degree in education and public policy from Stanford University.

His teaching experience includes schools in St. Paul, Mendota Heights and Stockholm, Sweden.

He believes a stronger focus on the health and well-being of young and disadvantaged families is critical to help close achievement gaps.

"Kids that came from families not necessarily able to provide rich resources are sometimes discouraged and lose their pace," he said. "As they become older, absences interfere with work. They forget or misunderstand opportunities in front of them."

Primary elections for District 53B will take place Aug. 14.

Republican Rep. Kelly Fenton of Woodbury currently represents the district. She was first elected in 2014 and has not yet announced plans to run for re-election.