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Swanson not running for Minnesota governor, will seek re-election as attorney general

Lori Swanson, Minnesota Attorney General

ST. PAUL—Minnesota Attorney General Lori Swanson on Sunday, Jan. 28, ended speculation about her political future, announcing she is seeking re-election and won't run for governor, as had been rumored.

"I appreciate the support of the many people who have encouraged me to run for Governor," Swanson said in a statement released Sunday. "I signed up with my fellow Minnesotans for a four-year term as Attorney General. While I am complimented that recent polls show me in a leadership position if I were to run for Governor, the work of the Attorney General's Office is at a critical juncture for the next two months. I must focus all my energy and attention on that work.

"I love representing you as Attorney General," Swanson added. "I thank you for your friendship and all the help you have given me."

Many Democrats had been waiting to see if Swanson would run for governor, a move that could have changed the dynamics in an already crowded Democratic field.

Swanson's decision is potentially a disappointment for U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison, who reportedly had been mulling a run for attorney general.