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News Briefs: Karla Bigham takes over as County Board chair; New police officer hired

Washington County

Karla Bigham takes over as County Board chair

Washington County commissioner Karla Bigham was elected 2018 chair of the board at the Jan. 2 meeting.

"I want to say thanks for the opportunity to be board chair," Bigham said. "I know we rotate.... But I look forward to a fantastic year working on infrastructure projects and making sure that the residents get the services and expectations that they have."

Bigham replaces Lisa Weik as the board chair.

"You've been a great mentor to me, and I appreciate that I've had the opportunity to learn, because you are very good at facilitating a meeting," Bigham said to Weik.

Gary Kriesel was elected vice chair of the board.

St. Paul Park

New police officer hired

Matthew Bagan started Jan. 3 , filling the department vacancy left after former officer Kyle Lindquist retired.

The new full-time police officer will have a starting salary of $30 an hour and is eligible for increase after one year.

St. Paul Park Police Chief Jessica Danberg, Mayor Sandi Dingle, City Administrator Kevin Walsh and Washington County Sergeant Larry Osterman interviewed candidates for the job.

Nearly 40 people applied.

The department is now filled once again, with eight officers including the investigator and chief positions.