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Council approves Autumn Bluff housing development in Woodbury

The second phase in a south Woodbury high-end housing development got the OK from City Council Dec. 13.

Developer MJR Woodbury plans to build a dozen homes spanning 36 acres near the corner of Military Road and Woodlane Road.

The project, City Planner Eric Searles said, will move forward as the second stretch of MJR's "Autumn Ridge" development, the proposed site of 20 single-family homes across the 61-acre parcel.

City Council approved that project in 2013.

The two projects' locations aren't adjacent to one another, but they offer similar lot sizes and prices.

Prices for homes on the newest development will likely range from $1 million to $2.5 million, developers said. The average lot size will be about 2.1 acres, with a 1.5 acre lot as the smallest.

The project is zoned as rural estate, which typically requires at least 3 acres per unit. Requests for cluster developments like Autumn Bluff, however, are often excused from this requirement.

Those types of developments, Searles said, are "arranged in closely-related groups to make the most efficient use of natural amenities for the land."

The development will sit over two existing 16-inch oil pipelines, and each home will be served by private septic systems and water wells.

Washington County regulates private septic systems while the Minnesota Department of Health handles private well permits.

"Water is a big concern here, but those wells have the same restriction as any resident in terms of how water is used, especially irrigation," said Planning Commissioner Anne Burt.

Woodbury's Planning Commission unanimously approved the project earlier this month.