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Students display art at annual show

Woodbury Elementary School students (from left to right): Ethan Olson, Carter Stewart, Kody Aikens, Adrian Heath and Oliver Barker participated in the school's annual art show May 7. Photo courtesy of Stacie Totzke1 / 2
Each fifth grade class created a “Words That Stick” sculpture for the annual art show May 7 at Woodbury Elementary School. Photo courtesy of Stacie Totzke2 / 2

SOUTH WASHINGTON COUNTY SCHOOLS — Sculptures, paintings and collages were among the works displayed May 7 at the annual Woodbury Elementary School art show. Students from kindergarten through fifth grade celebrated the fine arts along with their families and teachers.

Each fifth grade class collaborated on a "Words that Stick" art installation. They created a human-shaped silver tape sculpture using each other as the mold. Students then stuck pieces of paper on the sculpture. The colorful squares were inscribed with what they considered to be the nicest words that anyone has ever said to them.

Art teacher Stacie Totzke said the idea behind the project is that those words of kindness, appreciation, recognition and love are the words that will stick with us. The show ran in conjunction with the fourth and fifth grade choir concert and the spring book fair.