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Woodbury man sentenced for sexual communications with minor

STILLWATER — A Woodbury man has been sentenced in Washington County District Court to 30 days in jail and probation for engaging in sexual communication with a minor.

According to the complaint:

John Gary Kipka, 39, made the communication on Whisper, an app used to share secrets anonymously and often used for illegal activity. A Woodbury officer monitoring the app posed as a 15-year-old female named Taylor. Kipka replied to a note the undercover officer posted about being 15 years old.

Kipka asked several times for sex, photographs and if the girl would perform sex acts for him, saying it "could be fun but bad for both of us."

He told "Taylor" they would keep it a secret because of the age difference.

Officers posing as "Taylor" asked to meet Kipka at a gas station, where he was arrested without incident in April 2016.

Kipka pleaded guilty April 9 to engaging in sexual electronic communication with a minor.

The one-year sentence calls for Kipka to serve 30 days on work release and another 30 days through Sentencing to Service. The judge stayed the remaining 303 days. He will also be on probation for two years.