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Woodbury man jailed for child pornography possession

A Woodbury man accused of archiving more than 22,000 digital images of child pornography will spend 120 days in jail.

Nickolas Daniel Kroening, 37, was sentenced in a Washington County court on four of five felony charges of possessing child pornography.

He pleaded guilty to all five charges in October.

According to a criminal complaint filed Feb. 14 in Washington County, Woodbury police arrived at Kroening's Fallbrook Lane home in September after learning of numerous child pornography downloads linked to an IP address at the residence.

Police located Kroening in the home's basement, along with a laptop, desktop computer with two hard drives and multiple storage devices.

When police began searching the devices, the complaints states, Kroening offered to show officers where the "data" was and said that it wasn't "really hidden" on the hard drive.

During a police search of the desktop computer listing Kroening as its active user, police located files they suspected to contain pornography involving children age 8 to 14, based off the titles.

A search of the hard drives revealed 22,573 images and 339 videos depicting child pornography.

Officers also located a series of images accompanied by a 2014 newspaper article describing how law enforcement traced the content to a Missouri man named Charles Burge, according to the complaint.

Burge, the complaint states, was later arrested on charges of first-degree statutory rape and sexual exploitation of a minor for producing the material. The victim shown in the images was present at the home when Burge was arrested.