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Former commercial driver sentenced for sexual assault

A Washington County district judge sentenced a Brooklyn Park man to one year in prison and 15 years probation for assaulting a Newport woman while working as a driver for a transportation service.

Koji repeatedly asked the woman to hold his hand as she road in the back seat from Inver Grove Heights to Newport, and she refused, according to the criminal complaint.

He turned onto a road a several blocks from her home, and said he needed to use the radio then told the woman to sign a form indicating he dropped her off.

The woman refused to sign the paperwork until he dropped her off. Koji insisted she move from the back seat to the front seat, which she did.

When she leaned forward to look at the paperwork, Koji forced her to perform oral sex on him, the complaint states.

The woman told investigators Koji drove her home and said, "have a good day, ma'am."

The complaint said DNA samples investigators collected from both Koji and the woman matched.

Koji told authorities the woman kept rubbing his leg and shoulder but made no other physical contact with him.

A judge also ordered Koji to register as a sex offender and complete group therapy treatment as a condition of his sentence.