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Burglars sentenced for Windwood burglaries in Woodbury

Two men who admitted to a string of Woodbury burglaries last summer will serve no jail time.

Marcus Holmes and Stephan Holmes received a stay of execution on a 33-month sentence for three counts of first-degree burglary in the Windwood neighborhood where they lived.

Woodbury police had been investigating an attempt to start a car on fire when they received multiple reports of attempted break-ins.

According to a criminal complaint, the two men, accompanied by roommate Billy Joe Smith, broke into several homes near the 6500 block of Falstaff Terrace. They allegedly stole multiple items from the homes, including televisions, a printer, small electronics and credit cards.

Officers later identified and arrested the trio, citing their proximity to the incidents and a criminal history involving burglary and assault.

Other incidents and damages the complaint said the three participated in included:

• Breaking a vehicle window and putting flammable liquid in the car; spray-painting a garage door and lighting it on fire.

• Entering a car a stealing a briefcase and handheld steamer

• Searched a car and removed a screen from a home

• Stealing a phone charger from a car

• Entering an open garage and stealing a phone auxiliary cord

• Entering two other cars and stealing bank cards