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Police report: Coach purse disappears from open garage, child throws football at teacher's face

Note: This is a sample of recent incidents involving the Woodbury police. All subjects are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

• At 4:11 p.m. Feb. 15, near the intersection of Radio Drive and Commonwealth Avenue, police stopped a vehicle emitting an excessive amount of smoke. Suspecting an engine fire, an officer asked the driver, a 72-year-old Woodbury woman, to turn off and exit the vehicle. The woman told the officer she had recently serviced her vehicle, and she thought something was wrong with her radiator again. Firefighters found no fire, and the car was towed.

• Police were called at 8:33 a.m. Feb. 16 to investigate a first-degree burglary along Kilbirnie Road. A 46-year-old Woodbury woman's Coach purse was stolen — including her wallet, makeup and iPhone — from inside her vehicle. She had left the overhead garage door open from about 10 p.m. to 7 a.m. the previous night. The vehicle had been parked in the garage but also unlocked.

• Theft from a vehicle was reported to police at 8:41 a.m. Feb. 16, in the 10500 block of Kilbirnie Road. A 35-year-old man had his wallet, containing $40 and an ID, taken sometime between 1 a.m. and 7 a.m. that day. The complainant's vehicle was accessed with keys stolen two weeks earlier.

• An 8-year-old Middleton Elementary School student assaulted a teacher, throwing a football directly at the 55-year-old woman's face, at close range. She suffered a bloody lip but also refused ambulance transportation, after a disagreement with the boy. Police got involved at 2:59 p.m. Feb. 16, and his mother and father were called to the school.

• At 11:14 a.m. Feb. 17, a customer complained to police about her bill at Super 99 Buffet. The 85-year-old Woodbury woman said she had been overcharged, but the manager argued the receipt was correct. A police officer advised the woman that her complaint was civil, and that she could file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

• A 6-year-old South St. Paul boy was hit by a car at 2:57 p.m. Feb. 18, near Hobby Lobby. A 50-year-old Hudson, Wis., woman struck the boy with her brown 2014 Kia Soul after he ran out of the store. He had been using the bathroom, and he ran into traffic without looking. The vehicle was traveling at about 5 mph, but the boy fell to the ground and hurt his left knee and head. No damage was done to the vehicle and no citations were issued.

• At 9:06 p.m. Feb. 18, police warned two 17-year-old boys against driving on the path and grass at night at Liberty Ridge Elementary School. Police approached 10 people at the school playground, and noted tire marks following two vehicles to their parking spaces. The boys admitted to driving on the path and grass. No damage was done.

• Police visite La Quinta Inn & Suites at 3:57 p.m. Feb. 19 after a report of suspicious activity. A white Ford sports-utility vehicle was reportedly driving through the parking lot, then leaving and coming back every five minutes. Officers were unable to locate the SUV.

• At 1:04 p.m. Feb. 19, near the intersection of Military Road and Radio Drive, a red Ford Mustang hit a male on a bicycle, who got up, loaded the bike into the back of the car, and left. The report said the accident possibly caused injuries.

• The Royal Oaks Elementary School principal was advised and parents verbally warned for parking in a no-parking zone. After school, drivers should wait in the parking lot for their children, an officer said. At 2:41 p.m. Feb. 21, the principal said she would offer parents "a better practice for picking children up," according to the ICR.

• While providing extra patrol at 2:44 p.m. Feb. 21 at Royal Oaks Elementary School, an officer received a complaint about speeding and reckless driving on Queens Drive, between Steepleview and Coachwood roads. A 35-year-old Woodbury woman requested extra patrol between the hours of 2:20 p.m. and 2:45 p.m. on school days.

• Woodbury Public Safety attempted to deploy stop sticks to assist during a Minnesota State Patrol pursuit at 5:47 a.m. Feb. 22, along Interstate 494. "Due to traffic and speeds, deployment was unsuccessful," an officer wrote in an ICR. "Officer had no other involvement in the pursuit."