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Charges: Woodbury man was ready for sex with juvenile

Caught in a sting operation, a Woodbury man is facing two felony charges related to sexual solicitation of juveniles.

Miguel Eduardo Delgadillo-Gonzalez, 22, appeared in Washington County District Court yesterday (Thursday, April 28), charged with one count of describing sexual conduct with a child and one count of distributing material that relates to sexual conduct to a child age 15 or younger.

He is due back in court May 12.

According to the complaint:

On April 13, an undercover Woodbury police officer created a post on, an app for sharing secrets: "Im young, hot and athletic and can be your girlfriend for a price:-)."

The officer posed as a teenage girl, informing all individuals who responded to the post that the girl was 15 and selling sexual encounters for money.

On April 21, Delgadillo-Gonzalez and the undercover officer text messaged back and forth through the app.

While Delgadillo-Gonzalez was informed that the girl was only 15, he maintained sexual interest and brokered a deal for oral sex for $50. He sent a picture of male genitals and requested sex but also "did not know if he wanted to spend so much money," the court complaint said. "The defendant continued to try to lower the price of sex with the female and eventually tried to get the female to have sex with him for free."

Within minutes of being asked to contact the girl when he had enough money, Delgadillo-Gonzalez called the undercover phone number he'd been provided.

"The defendant appeared eager to engage in sexual acts with a minor child," the complaint said, "but seemed held back by not wanting to pay money to have sex with the underage girl."

In the early morning hours of April 26, Delgadillo-Gonzalez text messaged saying good morning and that he had gotten condoms. A text came back: "Hi! Great. Sorry I didn't get back to your sooner. I live the busy life of a high school freshman. LoL."

Delgadillo-Gonzalez confirmed that the girl was ready for sex, and a meeting place was arranged: near the skate park at Ojibway Park in Woodbury. He agreed to be there in five minutes.

Delgadillo-Gonzalez left his Cobble Hill neighborhood and headed toward the park, but his car was stopped by police on Courtly Road, just prior to the entrance to the park.

He admitted using Whisper to regularly text with the 15-year-old girl, but he denied talking about or soliciting sex from anyone. He also denied sending the explicit picture.

Delgadillo-Gonzalez had a Trojan condom in his pocket.

An officer seized his phone and found Delgadillo-Gonzalez's April 21 post on Whisper: "Any girls Homeless."