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Police report: UFO sighting, 'finger gun' threat, stolen fragrances

Note: This is a sample of recent incidents involving the Woodbury police. All subjects are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

• Police were called to a fight at 11:38 a.m. March 22 at Woodbury High School. Three boys were cited for disorderly conduct. Officers spoke to the juveniles who were honest, remorseful, respectful and appropriately concerned after engaging in yelling, cursing and pushing in the hallway near freshmen's lockers. All parties apologized to each other, they were advised of the repercussions of future physical altercations, and no one was charged.

• An Inver Grove Heights man "pointed with a finger gun" while threatening to shoot employees at Foot and Ankle Clinics, located in the 500 block of Bielenberg Drive. He came to the clinic wearing a blaze orange construction outfit, after not getting his desired results from the billing department, according to Woodbury Public Safety's initial complaint report. After arguing with staff, a doctor asked the customer to leave and he is no longer welcome at the clinic. The call came to police at 1:19 p.m. March 23.

• Five Woodbury residents in three cars were involved in an accident that caused injuries at 3:20 p.m. March 23 at Lake and Ojibway Park roads. Slippery conditions and snow on the road contributed to the crash. One driver lost control of his Honda Odyssey and struck a Mitsubishi Eclipse head on, injuring both drivers. One was transported to the hospital. The cars were thoroughly damage and towed. They slid into a Ford Escape, which was stopped at a stop sign and suffered minor damage to the driver's side of the front bumper.

• At 9:03 a.m. March 24, near the intersection of Radio and Tower drives, a 911 caller reported seeing a coyote walking on the sidewalk and then toward a pond. Police, unable to locate the animal, advised the resident to call back if he sees the coyote again.

• Two girls were cited for possession of a small amount of marijuana during an incident that occurred at 10:40 p.m. March 24, near the intersection of Valley Creek Road and Currell Boulevard. They both admitted to smoking the drugs after police saw them in Tamarack Nature Preserve after hours and a community service officer smelled marijuana and found 2.55 grams during a search of their car.

• At 11:44 p.m. March 24, police stopped a vehicle near the intersection of interstates 94 and 494 because its owners was listed as having an active warrant. The driver, the owner's brother from Minneapolis, was arrested for driving after revocation and an uninsured vehicle. The driver was found to have a small amount of marijuana in his pocket and also admitted to having firearms in the vehicle. Police located a .22-caliber pistol in the center console and a 9mm handgun and AK-47 in cases in the trunk. St. Paul police are familiar with the driver, and Woodbury officers attempted to search the St. Paul home of the man's girlfriend. St. Paul police believe the man has a large cache of weapons at the house.

• Unregistered people were using three rooms at the Red Roof Inn at 2:16 a.m. March 25. Police reported suspicious activity—including smokers outside of two rooms and beer cans in the open window of another unrented room—to the crime-free multi-housing program.

• At 8:09 a.m. March 26, police were called to a possible burglary at a vacant home in foreclosure along Cochrane Drive. The garage door appeared to have been pried open, the 911 caller said, but police believed the door was propped open for ventilation purposes. It was not open enough for anyone to get in, according to the initial complaint report. Police contacted the bank, and neighbors offered to keep an eye on the house for any other suspicious activity.

• After running a red light at 2:46 p.m. March 26, near the intersection of Woodlane Drive and Lake Road, two Woodbury residents received citations for possession of a small amount of marijuana. Officers found 2.3 grams of drugs in the vehicle and 2 grams and drug paraphernalia on the passenger's person. The tabs on the blue Chevy Impala were expired, and the driver's driver's license had expired.

• Police were called at 11:47 p.m. March 27 to the 7000 block of Robinwood Trail for a report of an unknown object in the sky. The 911 caller said it was a bright light, not a star, way up there, according to the initial complaint report. The complainant told police it was white and it seemed to move in an irregular pattern, lower than a plane but higher than a kite or unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). The light didn't appear to be a danger to anything or anyone, so the officer took the report as information only.

• At 7:25 a.m. March 28, near the intersection of Bailey Road and Pioneer Drive, a Lakeland man was cited for failure to stop at a red semaphore after his vehicle crashed with a car passing through a green light. Woodbury emergency medical technicians evaluated the other driver for injuries.

• At 3:43 p.m. March 28, at Ulta, $1,043 of women's and men's fragrances were stolen by a thief who'd been there before—on March 9 and March 18. A white female thief was captured on video. The suspect has auburn hair and is 5-foot-2, with a thin build. She was wearing a red stocking cap, black jacket, gray hoodie, tennis shoes, and blue jeans with either gems or stripes along the seams.