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Selfie-sexting man allegedly calls victim from county jail

“You’re not supposed to call me,” said Sean Garrison McNerthney’s ex-girlfriend, whose friends and family this winter received naked photos from a rendezvous at the Red Roof Inn.

In a phone call from jail, McNerthney told the woman he wanted to call her and that doing so would be all right as long as she didn’t tell anyone. The 30-year-old St. Paul man also said he loves her and he’s sorry.

McNerthney not only faces felony domestic assault charges for threatening the woman with a beer bottle but also has been charged with another felony for allegedly violating a no-contact order via the call from Washington County jail.

McNerthney is out of jail on conditional release and scheduled to appear in Washington County District Court on Feb. 24.

According to court complaints:

On Nov. 7, 2015, McNerthney invited an ex-girlfriend to meet, talk about fixing her car, and work on their relationship. They had dinner (and she had one drink) at Cowboy Jack’s, and they walked back to the Red Roof Inn.

While having sex, McNerthney took pictures of his ex-girlfriend without her knowledge. Later she learned that he had sent the naked photos to other people, including her family and friends.

Afterward, McNerthney asked her how she was getting to work. He didn’t like her answer, called her names, pushed her and held a beer bottle over her in a threatening manner.

At least two domestic violence-related convictions are on McNerthney’s record in the past 10 years — three convictions for violating orders for protection in 2005 and 2006.

McNerthney was arrested and charged on Nov. 7, served with a domestic abuse no-contact order (DANCO) on Nov. 11, and called and spoke with the protected party 16 times from Nov. 13 to Dec. 21.