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Alleged fraudster skips court date

Washington County has a warrant out for the arrest of the suspect in credit card fraud executed in Woodbury.

Alyssa Janel Webber, 27, had been released on her own recognizance, but she failed to appear at a hearing in late August. 

Upon her return to court, she will face one count of aiding and abetting financial transaction card fraud.

According to the complaint:

Two thefts from autos occurred within blocks of each other. One of the victims reported the following stolen: a Louis Vuitton purse, wallet and credit card holder; Sephora cosmetics; keys; a CD containing wedding photos; various gift cards; an American Express credit card; and two Capital One credit cards. 

A Woodbury police detective investigated transactions made with the credit cards, finding purchases at Cub Foods, Home Depot, Shell, CVS Pharmacy, SuperAmerica, BP, and Holiday. The officer used surveillance video, Facebook and booking photos to identify Webber. 

Webber has no permanent address.