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Informant hides $100 of sheriff’s money in sock

A former Woodbury man faces felony charges after he tattled-tailed on a drug dealer and then kept the controlled buy money provided by police for a sting operation to catch the dealer.

In mid-August, bail was set at $40,000 for Lucas Dane Richardson, 18, of Lake Elmo, who recently appeared in court on charges of theft of public funds, as well as possession of marijuana. He’s due back in court in October.

According to the complaint:

Richardson spent the month of April providing information about a dealer to the Washington County Narcotics Task Force, and he arranged to buy 1 pound of marijuana for $2,500 from the dealer.

On May 14, law enforcement provided Richardson with $2,500 in recorded buy fund money. The money constituted public funds via the Washington County Sheriff’s Office that was used to aid narcotics investigations through the staging of controlled drug buys.

Shortly after the transaction was completed, officers stopped the man who made the sale, arrested him, and recovered the money -- but not all of the money.

Officers came up $100 short while counting the money.

Richardson, who initially denied any guilt, became the subject of a search and $100 was located in his sock. Then, the informant admitted to taking $100 of the buy fund money, knowing he was not entitled to it.

According to a second complaint:

Richardson had been the subject of a controlled buy on April 17, while he was allegedly selling drugs at a Woodbury home in the block of 9500 Brookview Circle.

A search warrant turned up several items in his second-story bedroom, including more than $7,700 in cash, various guns and ammo, and almost 1,150 grams of marijuana.

He admitted to using and selling the drugs.