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City plows continue to hit streets

About six inches of snow fell in Woodbury over a 24-hour period, but the consistency of the snowfall combined with at-times strong winds had city plow operators working overtime, said Woodbury streets superintendent Jim Triebold.

"In reality we only saw about a half foot of snow, but when the wind kicks in some places we're seeing two and a half to 3 feet of snow," Triebold said.

Public works crews had plows and trucks out early Tuesday afternoon and returned around 3 a.m. Wednesday to first focus on mainline thoroughfares and then residential streets, said Woodbury Public Works superintendent Dick Riemenschneider.

Public Works Director David Jessup said plow trucks were out again beginning at 2 a.m. today.

To combat the accumulating snow, which continued into the early afternoon Wednesday, city public works trucks dropped a mixture of 75 percent salt, 25 percent sand onto streets, Triebold said.

Sand helps with traction in cold weather, he said.

"If you don't have some kind of traction factor out there on the roads, it makes it very difficult for motorists in these temperatures," Triebold said.

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