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'Miracle field' fundraising still underway

Fundraising efforts to bring a "miracle field" to Woodbury are coming on at a steady pace.

The miracle field, which makes baseball accessible to players of all ages and abilities through its special design and materials used, is set to be constructed alongside the regular ball fields at Bielenberg Sports Center next year.

It's one of a number of such ball fields either completed or currently under construction across the state by the Miracle League of Minnesota.

The fundraising for the Woodbury field is being led by the Rotary Club of Woodbury, which has already raised $6,000 towards the project.

A large part of that sum came through a partnership with the Minnesota Twins, when a game against the Detroit Tigers on June 30 was designated a special fundraiser for the Woodbury miracle field project, with $9 of each $21 ticket purchased going into the fund.

The next event on the fundraising calendar, says Rotarian Alan Henaman, will be the Woodbury Days festival on August 22-24.

"We're going to have a display or a tent at Woodbury days, and it will be specifically just on the miracle field, trying to educate people in the community about what we are trying to do," he explained.

He added that the Rotary Club's share of the proceeds from the beer tent, an annual fixture at Woodbury Days, would also help swell the miracle field fund.

For details on how to donate to the miracle field fund, visit or