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Rotary enlisted to aid memorial project

The message is spreading: get the word out about Woodbury's veterans memorial.

The memorial, which is a major fundraising project of the Woodbury Lions Club, is set to be created within the rose garden at Woodbury City Hall.

On May 1, Dick Stafford, a member of the Woodbury Lions Veterans Memorial Committee, gave a brief presentation to the Woodbury Rotary Club, asking them to get the word out about the cause.

Pavers, which can be dedicated to a member of the armed services, are available for a $300 donation.

"There's a tremendous amount of interest in the project," Stafford told the Rotary Club.

"We've already had donations from people who are in no way connected with the veterans or the Lions or even with the city of Woodbury, who have sent us $2,000 and $3,000 checks."

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