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Afton settles two more lawsuits

Tentative agreement has been reached on two of the lawsuits facing Afton.

A memorandum of understanding was approved by the city council at its April 15 meeting, which settles the legal actions brought by Brockman Investments and Ebertz Enterprises.

The memorandum binds the city to consider ordinance amendments relating to the conditional uses permitted in the city's industrial I1-A and I-1B zones (to include offices, warehousing and wholesale business), to reconsider the amount of impervious surface coverage, and to consider non-compliance on the Brockman and Ebertz properties in the areas of accent materials, glass coverage and rooftop equipment.

In addition, a specific clause grants permission to Brockman Investments, trading as Brockman Trucking, to continue to park trucks and trailers on the south side of the building at 13380 Hudson Road South.

The legal document states that neither side admits fault or liability and each side is responsible for its own costs and fees.

It further declares that the city council has until July 16 to process the ordinance amendments.

The lawsuits were just two in a series of seven filed against Afton last year.