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Daily jail bookings for Thursday

According to the Washington County Sheriff's Office, the following people were booked into the Washington County Jail between 7 a.m. Monday and 7 a.m. Thursday:

Theodore W. Krinke, 39, of Woodbury, on third-degree DWI and criminal vehicular operation charges.

Cory A. Leyde, 22, of Newport, on third-degree DWI and traffic charges.

Anthony E. Peterson, 20, of Lake Elmo, on controlled substance, family neglect and drug charges.

Seth M. Poynter, 33, of Baytown Township, on failure to appear, obstructing the legal process and assault charges.

Linda L. Schumacher, 43, of Cottage Grove, on a traffic charge.

James D. Strangmeier, 36, of Baytown Township, on a disorderly conduct charge.

Chad L. Briggs, 21, of Stillwater, on malicious punishment of a child and assault charges.

Kerry M. Hagen, 45, of Cottage Grove, on obstructing the legal process charges.

Joseph T. Keith, 32, of Woodbury, on a theft charge.

Tadeusz McMahon, 21, of Stillwater, on a third-degree DWI charge.

Christian W. Mischo, 19, of Woodbury, on a sex offender registration charge.

Sharina M. Mudd, 23, of Woodbury, on traffic charges.

Glen E. Price, 30, of Newport, on fraud and traffic charges.

Jon E. Valsvik, 47, Stilwater, on a theft charge.

Darrin L. Wolf, 18, of Stillwater, on terroristic threats charges.

Mark J. Femling, 33, of St. Paul Park, on a third-degree DWI charge.

Shawn T. Michalski, 28, of Woodbury, on traffic charges.

Kelly S. Nelson, 49, of Woodbury, on third-degree DWI charges.

Robert F. Regenfuss, 29, of Cottage Grove, on fourth-degree DWI charges.

Paul M. Solberg, 40, of Stillwater, on an assault charge.

Lawrence A. Walsh, 63, of Lake Elmo, on an assault charge.

Daniel J. Zwinger, 30, of Woodbury, on a traffic charge.

All are considered innocent until proven guilty.