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Support for Karla Bigham

Support for Karla Bigham

I met Karla in 2010 during AIDS Action Day when she was our state representative. It was our first appointment with a lawmaker, & she was so easy to talk to. She was very supportive of any assistance we needed to help people living with HIV in Minnesota.

My neighbor had an experience where her mentally ill son was coerced into participating in a psychological drug study & killed himself. Karla authored & passed Dan's Law, which protects all mental health patients from being taken advantage of.

She was the Chair of the Charter Commission, of which I was a member, where I was able to see what a talented leader she is. She's so intelligent & manages every person's point of view fairly to come to conclusions with minimal discourse & straightforward conclusions.

Karla has been a great representative for Cottage Grove as a council member, a great representative at the capitol for 54A & is a wonderful commissioner in Washington County. She looks at all points of views & makes decisions based on the best outcome for the majority of people for whom she is representing.

Karla is very personable and is very involved in our community outside of her job. As a small business owner, I often see Karla at fundraisers for the Friends In Need Food Shelf and at the Business Showcases, just to name a few.

Karla has been out door knocking, no matter what the weather, and learning what the people in District 54 want. I am confident that she will represent us all. My family & I are proud to vote for Karla and encourage you to vote for her too!

Annie Elmer