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Karla Bigham - Fighting for

Karla Bigham - Fighting for


Not You

Much has been made by Karla Bigham's support of the 2008 transportation bill and Denny McNamara's opposition.

Denny saw that the creation of the County Transit Improvement Board (CTIB) would be devastating for our communities. He's been proven right.

Thanks to Bigham's vote, Dakota and Washington County taxpayers lost hundreds of millions of dollars that could have been used in Hastings and Cottage Grove, and instead that money was sent to Hennepin and Ramsey counties. Finally, state and county leaders in 2017 came to their senses and dissolved CTIB.

Our money is long gone, and based on this nonsensical vote, Bigham should be too.

So while Karla brags about her support of this bill, know that our local highways paid the price. But I'm sure St. Paul and Minneapolis are very happy with her support.

Lloyd Cheney