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Tired of Democrats' Mudslinging

Tired of Democrats' Mudslinging

People are tired of the baseless fact-twisting, and tasteless mudslinging, by Democrats' in this state senate race.

Denny McNamara is a good, honest, hardworking individual. He has solid integrity, and stands up when his family is attacked. We should know, because the Hoffman and McNamara families live in this community, HAVE lived in this community, and have been friends for five generations.

Attacking Dennys credibility is simply, laughable.

Denny wants us to keep more of our hard-earned money, force smarter spending in state government and make healthcare more affordable.

Join us in supporting Denny McNamara as our next State Senator on January 29th and McNamara Monday February 12th.

Cassie (Hoffman) Mann, Peter Hoffman, Erin (Hoffman) Gessner