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State settles for $850M in 3M lawsuit

Despite Family Threats, Denny McNamara Stood Up For Us

Despite Family Threats, Denny McNamara Stood Up For Us

I'm REALLY getting sick and tired of Karla Bigham and Democrats twisting the facts, especially when Denny McNamara's family was threatened.

Despite what Democrats are trying to make you believe, I remember the story in the Hastings Star Gazette.

Denny supported a DFL colleague's bill that corrected the unfair skimming of roughly $300,000 a year away from suburban parks and sent it to the Minneapolis Park Board.

When Denny called them out, lobbyists threatened him and his family. Yet he continued to fight against this wrong because he represents us, not special interests or Minneapolis.

Say no to Karla Bigham's party and its misrepresentation of Denny's character. Unlike her, he stands up to lobbyists and refuses their money.

Join me in supporting Denny McNamara for State Senate on McNamara Monday, February 12th.

Jordan Johnson