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Letter to the

Letter to the


As an in-home child care provider in Hastings for the last year, I believe we have a responsibility to our children and to their families to do what we can as a community to be sure they are safe, supported, and have opportunities to learn. Children thrive when their families have the supports they need; in order for our families to find stability, for our children to be ready to learn and succeed in their educations, we must find what best fits them in the first place. Some children may be good in a center based program, where others thrive in an "at home" environment. Our community and our region are facing a crisis in childcare. There are not enough childcare providers to care for our children. I want to thank Denny McNamara for fighting for small, family-run child-care providers in his district during his time in the legislature.

Denny McNamara stood up for us when others tried to force mandatory daycare unionization in Minnesota. Denny knew that small child-care providers, like me, know best how to run their own businesses. He knew that we didnt need unions to come in and negotiate for us.

Denny fights for small business, he fights for Minnesota families, and he stands up against government overreach. I look forward to supporting Denny McNamara for State Senate on February 12th.

Kayla Tesch


In Support of Denny McNamara